Don Bryant Rodrigues -- fine artistI work with patterns and geometric forms. Here are several dozen examples of my artwork. Each piece is the result of imagining, designing and crafting – I work on my drafting table, on my Mac, in the woodshop, with my camera.

Is there a school I belong to, or a name for my style? I might describe or label my artwork as... op art, geometric abstraction, neo-geo, illusion, pattern field, surface design, perceptual, neural, texture, grid work, network, division of space, structure, mosaic, tiling, mandala, symmetry, fractal, tesselation...

Can I be called a latter-day Opist? Many years ago when I was a student attending Pratt and SVA I went to see The Responsive Eye exhibit at MOMA. Somehow the music and the art of the era got deep into me and for decades since I have worked on these stylized creations.


Tatu IV, 1971. Ink (rapidograph drawing) on drafting paper. 30” wide